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How long does the bag of bag filter work at high temperature?

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       The newly installed cloth bags will be completed in less than three months. It takes less than three months for the bag to be of good or bad quality. Aging does not break. It has been in use for more than a year. Many production companies use biomass fuels as boiler fuels, bamboo chips, useful sawdust, corn husks, etc., because these biomass burns in flue gas. A large number of reburnable wood carbon dust particles, bag filter contains excessive carbon, wood carbon powder thermal accumulation, spontaneous combustion, burning bag, Mars into the bag filter may also lead to smoldering, smoldering areas increase, resulting in dust trapping fire inside the bag, burning the bag, leading to the production company's bag burned.
Reasons for Mars Burning Bags:
       1. The boiler is a 6T heated steam boiler. The combustion material is made of bamboo powder and bamboo slices.
       2. Due to the large amount of Martian dust in the dust removal pipeline and the high smoke content of boiler flue gas caused by boiler flue gas, the normal situation is about 10% (most of Mars is extinguished below 8%). In fact, many boilers do not meet this parameter, resulting in too high oxygen content, so combustibles have an aerobic environment.
       3. With the tightness of the system and the compressed air of bag cleaning, the oxygen content will be higher, so that Mars can burn freely in the pipeline.
       4. Mars can not only burn freely, but also the dust in the dust removal system will not burn completely. Bamboo charcoal powder is characterized by flammable materials reaching ignition point at 320 degrees. The bamboo charcoal powder deposited on the surface of the cloth bag has the function of heat absorption, which fills itself with heat and burns the cloth bag.
       5. The whole process of Mars burning bag: Mars and bamboo charcoal powder are adsorbed on the surface of the bag at the same time, some sparks are absorbed, some bamboo charcoal powder around smoke, and the area gradually increases. When the furnace is closed and opened, the oxygen content reaches 17. %-20% is easy to form combustion aids, burn off cloth bags, and form flammable phenomenon.
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